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Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Search and Destroy

Somewhere in my "childhood"
(that's January 11, 1951 -> though college graduation)
there was a cartoon called
"The Hunter."

 Now, you ask yourself,
"Self, what does THAT 
have to do with
the price of pickles in Persia."
(Which interpreters to:
Why would the C & CS Slut 
remember THAT?)

is the purpose of this post . . . .
Not animal, vegetable or mineral . . .
I hunt the 4th product of nature
patterns . . . free patterns . . . 
free crochet and  cross stitch patterns .

For I AM  
The Hunter!
**da, dut dut, da, da**
(That's supposed to be his horn sounding the hunt.)

As my name says,
I AM the 
Crochet and Cross Stitch Pattern Slut :0{
It is a sad state of affairs . . . 
I have these horrible bouts
of searching the Internet
for free patterns.

I could call it an addiction,
but Mom always said,
"Addicts attend meetings."
Since I don't attend meetings
I guess I am not an addict . . .
just your everyday
pattern whore.
Always searching for another
"pattern high."

I am trying to get
the Cross Stitch patterns
organized into 3-Ring Binders
all placed in their own little
page protectors.
I actually had to go out
and buy a 3 1/2" binder. . . 
and it is almost full
and I haven't gotten everything
I want in it, in it :0{

So, I am going one step further . . . 
I am scanning 
each and every pattern I have
into the computer.
when I finally break down
and buy a laptop 
that is Microsoft compatible
I will upload all patterns on it.
Then . . 
I shall be the 
Crochet and Cross Stitch Pattern Slut.

Now isn't THAT
environmentally friendly?
When I want to use a pattern,
just bring it up on screen
and "stitch" to my heart's content.

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  1. That is definitely a 'green' way to go! just make sure you burn cd's of those so that you will have them of anything ever happens to the laptop. xoxox ps i am having trouble withyour site :o(


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