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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Thank You Jayne

Look what Jane (April Cottage Ramblings) had sent to me for my birthday.
Note for Jayne.
Now you can see everything.

I LOVE the Crossword Puzzle Bookmark.

Do you know the answers?

She is too sweet for words and I am humbled that she took the time to arrange for a US shop (she lives in the Forest of Dean in the UK) to mail it to me.

Thank you S*O*O*O*O*O*O*O*O*O*O*O much.


  1. I don't have a clue what any of that is. I guess I'm dense.

  2. I see that it says bookmarks, but do you do something with them other than use them for bookmarks?

  3. Pammy Sue . . . you can use the designs for anything you want . . I have taken parts of bookmarks and made ornaments, parts of samplers . . . they are just nice, small things to have . . and, yes, they make GREAT bookmarks.

    They would probably l look cute as scissors fobs too :0}

  4. Thanks for the comment on Poppy patchwork, the union jack I created myself and you can have a copy of it, just send to me your e-mail address, I did it on excell so you will be able to open it.

  5. Oh, okay. I knew there was something I was missing!


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