Leaves on this Family Tree

Saturday, February 26, 2011


Yep . . .been ancestor-ing a lot lately.

It so reminds me of the days 
when I would need to find something
for my classroom
and I would start searching the web . . . 
and searching, 
and searching,
and searching .  . . 
you get the picture.

I always found the search 
more fun 
than the actual final product

Same with this genealogy kick.
It is just so much fun
to actually hit on 
a phrase that opens up a "find."

I'll start giggling
and the husband will say,
"Did you find the mother lode again?"

I have found the
"mother lodes" for both my
maternal and paternal grandfathers.
Makes me wonder 
if their wives
just materialized from somewhere.
Specially my paternal grandmother's mother,
Jennie Bryan.
The only documentation I can find on her
is in my Grandmother's obituary.
Oh, and once she is listed
in the school enumeration 
of the county they lived in in 1899.
But no birth, marriage or death record.

If, and when we go home next,
 i.e. Matt's forth coming nuptials,
I MUST get to the
Cass and Fulton County courthouses for
birth certificates,
marriage licenses
and death certificates. 

I thought my 
maternal grandfather's family
was  a mess . . . 
you should see 
the husband's paternal family tree!
I swear . . . 
up until his father's generation
every family
had at least 8,000,000 kids per household
and I'm not exaggerating!
Well, maybe a little,
but I'll bet each family
had at least 8 kids
and they ALL SURVIVED ! ! !

Well, if I were a gold miner,
when it comes to the husband's family,
I've hit several mother lodes . . .  
I should be a MILLIONAIRE!

Need to go check into Facebook.


  1. It is fun. I have like 4 grandfathers in a row with the same first and last name. Whew, it's difficult telling them apart! For a long time my mother's family thought they were German but I found out that yes, there was a lot of German in the line but their paternal line was actually from Luxembourg!Going there is on my bucket list. An amateur genealogist had noted in a genealogy publication that they were not here for the 1850s census but in fact they were but their Germanic last name starts with a J and in German Js are often pronounced as Ys so the census enumerator spelled the name with a Y instead of a J and I found it Yippeee!

  2. Paula, I LOVE Genealogy!!! I love the research and the finding of family! I hate those brick walls I hit every once in awhile, sometimes the climb takes forever, but is so worth it in the end.

    Good luck!!

    Pam in Brussels, Belgium


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