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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

I have Gone International

I was so surprise,
and humbled,
when I received this message
from Pam (Tijiendo mi vida . . .) this morning:

I love your blog! So you have won the Stylish Blogger Award.
Hope you enjoy it! Check my blog!

Hugs and Kisses


The international part of this post
comes from her answer
as to where she has lived:
I have lived in several places of Chile. 
I know Arica (north), 
San Carlos (South),
Valpara√≠so (Center-Coast) 
and Santiago (Capital)

WOW . . . .
I mean,
can you imagine this  . . .
I have a follower who lives in Chile?
a former Social Studies teacher,
teaching my kids about maps
and other countries,
has a follower from CHILE!

Pam's blog is great,
it's bi-lingual.
 She write in Spanish
and then writes in English.
It gives me a chance 
to work on my Spanish  . . . 
I read the Spanish version
and then see if what I thought it says
is really what it said..
sometimes I get it
and sometimes I have to brush up on my skills.

Now, this is the important part . . . .
Info about this award:

With this award, the following applies:
Post linking back to the person that gave you the award.
Share 7 random things about yourself.
Award 15 recently discovered bloggers.
Drop them a note, and tell them about it!

7 Random Things About Me. 
  1. I taught school because I cared.
  2. I may not appear compassionate, but I am.
  3. I was just as happy single as I am now that I am married.
  4. Dogs have always been my source of comfort.
  5. I love potatoes in every form EXCEPT potato pancakes.
  6. I wish I didn't suffer from anxiety and depression.
  7. If I was 18 again, I don't know if I would go to college again.

 15 recently discovered bloggers
to present this award to . . .
in no particular order.
  1. Poppy Patchwork (UK cross stitcher)
  2. Crocheting Mommy (Just what the name says, and she is starting to design pattern)
  3. 365 Cross Stitch Patterns in 2011(again, just what the name says)
  4. Pumpkin Patch & Co. (ever seen a cross stitching pumpkin)
  5. April Cottage Ramblings (I LOVE Miss Jayne in the UK!)
  6. Carpe Dyem's Microcosm (knitting, a new baby and surviving in the UK)
  7. Cindy's Cross Stitch Ornaments and Projects (Cindy INSPIRES me!)
  8. Coralines' Diary (Cross Stitch to DIE For from RUSSIA)
  9. Emmie's Ramblings (Emmie's life and Stitching)
  10. gazette94  . . . I can not get this link to work. It is http://gazette94.blogspot.com/ if it still doesn't work,  type gazette94 into Google and you will find it.(BEAUTIFUL Cross Stitch )
  11. Pammie Jeans Things (I am not worthy of looking at her crochet)
  12. Stitching Dreams (WOW... what great Cross Stitch)
  13. Twisted Strands (Clean, Crisp and To The Point . . .LUV IT!) 
  14. The Happy Needle . . .  (this site makes ma SO HAPPY!) 
so I am one site short, 
 shoot me. 
But I have listed
the new blogs I have been following 
that inspire me. 
I hope they do the same for you. 
Owner of a Stylish Blog :0}


  1. Good on you Paula and great links to other blogs to look up. Thanks and have a great day.

  2. OmG!!!
    You are So So nice!!
    Thanks for your words. Really. You made my day!
    And.. answering your question... I have trouble to read what you write! Dont know if it is my idea or the letters are black?? or grey??.. but when I try to check what you are up to I have to move the screen of my laptop and look very very close to read.. jajajaja.. maybe it's not your blog... jajaja.. my eyes maybe failing!!! jajajajaj

  3. hey! another comment!
    You are so fast!! It took me a week to go and find new blogs!!
    And this is not 'cause I don't surf the web looking for new inspiration... it's just that I don't write down the addresses!!!

  4. Thank you for listing my site Poppypatchwork, like you it feels great to read, somebody loves my ramblings about life and my cross stitch.

  5. Paula,
    Last night I visited your blog from my hubbie's laptop and I guess the problem is my Mozilla.
    Your blog looked perfect in his computer!!!
    So, don't worry ... you don't have to light up anything.. jajajajaj


  6. Hello Paula, thank you for this award, I feel very honored ! It is such a pleasure to know that you appreciate my blog, I like your's too, and now , you have a new follower from Paris (France) !!

  7. You doin ok? There's more blogland nasties going on. I think everyone should not be able to receive anonymous comments. I've seen some blogs that anonymous comments aren't allowed. I'll have to check mine. Though I've never seen an anonymous comment come through. Why can't everyone be nice and if they don't like what's going on or being said then go on their merry way? Why do people have to be nasty??? sigh...

    oh hey....didn't mean to hurt your springy feelings. I wish yours would come along too! xoxox

  8. Thank you Paula for passing along the Stylish Blogger award! It's nice to know you are enjoying my blog, since I enjoy yours too!

  9. Thank you for the award, Paula--that is so kind of you :) As you can tell, I do love my cross stitch!! Congratulations on your award, too, and it was fun reading about you--can't believe you don't like potato pancakes though ;o)

  10. what's cheyoere? i've never heard of it. i'm gonna google it. :o) xoxo


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