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Friday, February 4, 2011

Cross Stitchers Help

Dear  ”Faithful Indian Companions" who Cross Stitch.

I  have found three sites where people can display the "smalls" they have made. Both are limited to 100 contributors, per Blogger set up.

All three have some of the greatest patterns displayed, and the results of their finishing of their stitching is, 9 times out of 10,  just wonderful.

The ways they finish their "smalls" have given me WAY too many ideas for what I would like to do.

Christmas Ornament Stitch-A-Long

The Worlds Largest Collection of Smalls

The World's Largest Collection of Smalls Too

My question for the Cross Stitchers out  there is: Is there a market out  there for another site like this?

If so, I would like to start one. But I need your help in figuring out what should be included on the side bars AND what info is needed beneath the pictures.

Please check the three sites out and leave me comments on what you think should be included. I would SO appreciate this :0}

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  1. I love your blog background! Quiet festive!

    Sorry you didn't win my give away. But, know this my dear - you are on my RAK list and I have ideas for you!

    As for questions about another small project blog - maybe contact Becky (the other hostess). I try to finish my things but... I am not even being very good about finishing my UFO's and WIP's on Jayne's blog! Sigh.

    Take care and stay warm!


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