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Thursday, February 3, 2011

Pumpkin Patch & Co BREAST FUND

Thank you Cathey for giving me a creative outlet for my Cross Stitching . . . does Attic Needlework take Crochet?

I implore ALL of my Cross Stitching followers
(I will let the Crochet followers 
know when Cathey lets me know 
 if you can participate too)
to check out the link below.

What a FANTASTIC way
to use your skills
to help DESTROY
Breast Cancer ! ! !!!

Miss Cathey,
or Pumpkin,
if you will,
make sure you
get the info to me :0} 

I am looking forward
to adding 
the Pumpkin button
to my blog..

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  1. LOL...you crack me up. Thank you dear friend for making me feel better about tomorrow. xoxo


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