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Friday, February 11, 2011


How many of you have heard of, or use delicious ? I found out about it at a crochet/knitting group I was attending at our local library. I had never heard about it and have found it FANTASTIC!

Sine I use our netbook for most of my "surfing," I have set it up as my homepage. Now, when I find something I want to keep at my fingertips . . . and yet be able to find no matter WHAT computer I am on, I go to my homepage (delicious) and "bookmark" and tag it. Now, I can actually find what I have saved . . . as long as I tagged it in a way that I can find it.

If you want to find my page, just click here. This is something else that is neat . . . you can network with friends who have similar tastes and use their pages as well as yours. I have found some of the neatest places using this feature.

Oh, and I want to thank the person who has this page tagged . . . makes me smile that one of you wants to be able to find me with the simple click of a mouse :0}

Let me know if you start your own delicious page . . . then I can bookmark you and tag so I can easily find you, no matter what computer I am using.

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  1. I love delicious too! My username is themegababe :)


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