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Monday, February 7, 2011

Lot's to Update

I have been busy finishing items and haven't  had time to post everything.

Well, it seems to me like it has been a lot, but when I look at the pictures . . it is very little.

Anywho . . . here are the accomplishments.

Another Americana Heart started.
This time, I am leaving the white background alone.
It's too hard doing white cross stitch
on white 28 count  material.

The Union  Jack Heart
from a pattern sent to me
by a friend in the UK.
I now need to find the right material
to finish it.

I know I have showed the front, .
but have I shown the back?
I LOVE the way the back turned out.
Another All American small.
A Close-Up.
The back view.
For a St. Patrick's Day Swap.
A Close-Up.
The back.
A Scissors Fob
made as a gift
for a special friend.
Another fob
made for another special friend.

Another Small is in the Embroidery Hoop As I Type


  1. Too cute and it looks oh so fun to have those little projects all done.

    Pam in Brussels, Belgium

  2. "Not that much done"????? Woman are you mad? Did you look at everything you've done?! Holy Cow - I'm very impressed!

    Love your pillow ornies! Love them! And your fobs - some one will be very happy!

  3. These are all so cute Paula!! I am a follower of your blog now. ID is: genealogrl. You asked about the post I made on my blog today. I would imagine that Cecilia's would mail the remnant bags if they are available. I would imagine if they did it would be their discrestion what ones they sent. That is , if they currently have any. You'd just have to ask them. I always purchased them when I was in the store.

  4. Gee....you make me feel lazy! lol.

    I haven't posted anything, been slammed at work and need to take some pics. I haven't caught up on blogs yet!! That's what I get for reading so many! I always check my favs though... hope you're staying warmy! xoxo

  5. These are all lovely! I used to cross stitch back in my former life, but now my crochet hook and I are inseparable.

    So you taught middle school for 34 years? WOW. You must have stories to tell! Frankly I really didn't like biology, I was a chemistry girl all the way. Then I took Biochem and I found my perfect match.

    Thanks for being a follower on my blog. We seem to have a lot in common!


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