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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

One Thing Leads to Another

Just sitting here wondering where I have been today. Now, I'm not lost
 t's just I can't remember what all I have done today, yet I seemed tohave been busy.

Oh, I do remember one thing I did . . .which led to another which led to another.

I had to lay on the floor to do my "at home therapy" for the right knee Since the meniscus is torn, the PT wants to strengthen the ligaments that keep everything in place, but put no pressure on the spot where the actual tibia and fibula come together.

So, I'm lying on the dirty floor . . . Indy sheds 364 days of the year and I haven't figured out which day is her day off yet . . . doing the exercises.  decided that since I was down there, I  might as well get the stuff put into the footlocker (this is where I have always kept my patterns) that needs to go in there. Since I always end up on my knees when I get up off of the floor, I don't get onto the floor much.

While in there, I pulled out three circular knitting needles . . . I have to make 2 baby hats like the one I made for Aiden . . .but I couldn't make it circular, so I will have to figure out how I did it . . . I am hoping I can figure out this circular business this time. ALicia brought Aiden over one day when he was wearing his . . I just stood there like a goof and grinned.

Then, I found a small needlepoint pix I had made when I 1st started eaching 35 (+/-) years ago. It was so skewed that I never put it up, yet I liked it so much I could never throw it away. Anywho, I found it and decided to translate the pattern into cross stitch. I did part of it on the material, then went downstairs to graph it out. Made a couple of mistakes on what I had done, but I'm not frogging it. The actual graph is better than what I had done, but, whatever .  LOLOL I can't wait to show it off. I have always liked the phrase . . it fit me perfect then and still does.

I am REALLY liking the DMC variegated thread. It adds such nice shading to what I do without  having to figure out the actual shading pattern.

Somewhere, in Cross Stitch Blogland, I found someone who braided their floss onto carbone rings. Does anyone know where that was? I did it the braid better than winding the yarn. And the variegations show three or more differentd colors, you can really individualize what color(s) of the variegation you willbe able to use.

If any one can show/tell me where this posting is, I think I shallmake a tutorial on it. i LOVE the fact that the thread ends up the prefect length when you pull it from the braid. And, the variegated yarns can be used for individual colors.

I think I took off on the variegated/braid section because I am using variegated thread on most of the pattern I made today.

Now I remember what I did before I went downstairs to put the pattern on paper. I finished the pattern I drew up a day or two ago. t will be a  Christmas present small for someone. . . now I just need to find some Christmas material to use as backing.

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  1. I know where you saw the braided floss. It was from the blessings blogs. I can't remember her name or the blog and I've closed my blessing blog. She's the one from Az (i think) and she did a square of her son's pic. She was doing a book of sorts and putting new stitches she learned in the book too. Does that ring any bells??


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