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Thursday, February 17, 2011

Thank You

Thanks for all the warm fuzzies. . . I really did need them.

Perhaps Sharon Marie was right  . something in the air.

But. I put my fingers  to work . . . Started twice on a knitted hat for Baby Girl Musgrove. Third time was the charm . . so 1st baby hat is started.

Next, I basted and ironed the hems of 4 Christmas ornies. The mailman deliverd 39 4" x 4" squares of Christmas cotton so I was able to hand sew two of the ornies together . . . will post them tomorrow on  my Stitching Blog . . .don't want their receivers to see them until Christmas. I'll link to them so all of you can see what they look like. I'm really happy with both.

I spent a couple of hours on the PC in the basement looking up some off my ancestors . . are they ancestors if they are from your grandparents generation? Doesn't seem like they should be because I knew most of them.

I have found my maternal grandmother's obituary online . . so I now have all of the names of her siblings . . . some full and some half, will need to check that out on another list I have.

It is funny, in the odd funny way, not ha ha funny way, that I have massive information on my maternal and paternal grandfathers but very little on either grandmother.

Perhaps if I add some people to my Family Tree every day or so, I will have a pretty complete tree one day.

So, until tomorrow, I shall leave you all a happier person than when I was here earlier today :0}


  1. Sounds like you have the genealogy bug alright. I was so hot and heavy into it years ago, seems like I sent away for copies of certificates of births, deaths, marriages and so on every week or two and visited the family history libraries in town too. Then I went back to school, moved a few times and never picked it up again. I really need to organize my files that have been packed in boxes for eons and see what I have and where I want to go.

  2. Glad to hear things are looking up!

  3. You know Paula, I have run into the very same thing with my family background. I've come to realize that so much importance was and is given to the male side of the family, the one who carries the name so lots of info. gets lost. It is frustrating.


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