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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Chocolate Fun

Yesterday the husband and I started making chocolate hearts (chocolate candy recipe here) for Matt and Julie's wedding reception. Well, actually, the husband made most of them. He just loves messing around in the kitchen.

We bought some white, pink and reddish-pink melting chocolate (vanilla/white chocolate) wafers and swirled them in with the chocolate on most, and some are just solid milk chocolate or pink/red/white white chocolate.

Today we make dark chocolate and do the same thing. Guess that means supper will have to be something salty to counter-act the sweetness of "licking the spoons."

Now, if you want to see what I have been making in the cross stitch department, you will need to check out the cross stitch blog. I can't add them until I have given them to Julie and Matt. And it is KILLING ME because I think they are both pretty awesom  too . . . plus, they are my designs which make them perfect!  NOTthat I am patting myself on the back, but I am!

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