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Friday, March 18, 2011

Some Drugs ROCK!

you read that right . . . 
some drugs rock!

went to the orthopaedist yesterday.
Needed to check in on the left knee
and see how the PT went.
the knee was just the same
as it was the last time I saw him
four weeks (+/-) ago.
No swelling this time,
which is a plus,
and it didn't hurt anywhere
except the same place
as it did last time . . .

"Does it hurt here?"
"Here . . ."
"Oh, yeah  .hurts just as bad as last time! ! !"

Then, we talked about the back.
 "Where does it hurt?"
"Lower spine."
"How far down?"
"All the way."
"Left or right"
"Right in the middle,
almost to the end of the tail bone."

Ended u p with three scripts:
1. Series of 5 x-rays,
2. PT for the back instead of knee  and
3. Some pill called Tramadol.

Left the dr's office,
went down the street to Kenmore Mercy
and had the x-rays taken.
"Now, roll over this way"
To self,
"Yeah, thats easy for you to say,
do we have about an hour
for me to S-L-O-W-L-Y turn."
To technician,
"You got it !"
Dropped x-rays back at dr's office . . .
appt was at 8:30
and x-rys were there by 9:30 . . . 
told receptionist,
when she said, "WOW, that was fast."
"I move fast
when I wat to get home
and relieve the back pain."

Stopped at Walgreens 
and dropped of the script . . .
picked it up in the evening. .  
took one about 8:00
and by 10:00 I was amazed . . .
the back was feeling better
than it has felt in weeks.

Woke up this morning
an d it was still feeling great!

Looks like the road trip to Indy
will be more comfy
than I expected . . .
8 hours,
of pain free riding
from here to Logan! ! ! ! !

Need to make a call
to the Puppy Motel
to see if I can book a room
for Indy for March 26 and 27th.
If not . . . Gene might be 
Indy sitting on Sunday 
when we go to Crown Point.

time to start looking 
for some patterns for this
100 Follower Give~Away . . . 
really 101 Followers,
who's counting?

I shall "draw" winner(s)
later this evening.
Will let you know tomorrow . . . 
or maybe later this evening . . . 
"Only The Shadow Knows! ! !"


  1. I'm glad you got something to give you some relief. Back pain sucks!

  2. I got some tramadol for my back and it made me sick and didn't help at all. that's weird, I wonder why some people it helps and some not. xoxox glad they help you.

  3. Glad you're feeling better!! I know knee and back pain stinks!!

  4. Never had a pill that takes pain away like yours. But, cotizone shots do wonders too! Glad to hear you are pain free!

    Hey, are you coming thru Ohio around Cleveland? You should try to find a couple of shops. Let me know! I might be up that way on the 23rd!

    Check out the patterns I completed from the magazines you sent me in January! I posted them this afternoon!


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