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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Wedding Gifts

Ah yes, 

Well, home in New York, anyway.
We just spent 5 days
at home

It's pretty neat having 2 homes.

The purpose of the trip
was to watch my youngest nephew,
marry the woman he loves,

Our wedding gift to them
was their wedding cake.
But, as all of you
Needle Arts people know . . .
a family wedding isn't a wedding
unless there is something handmade given.

I wanted to make something special.
Something that would last for years
and that every time you saw it
you would remember the day.
Here is what I came up with:

Julie came with Lauren to Joyce's house,
that is my BFF Joyce.
We stay with her when we go home.
I call he house
"Sandberg's Bed and No Breakfast"
which Lauren thinks is so funny ! ! !

While they were standing talking to
the husband and Joyce,
I went and got the two gifts.
Then, when I went back I said to Julie,
"Left of right hand?"
She had a semi-scared look on her face,
she knows we Gaumer's way to well,
and she picked the right.
Matts' gift was in that hand.
This is what I made him:

His birthday was Friday
and the wedding was Saturday.
He had made the comment to me
that he wished they had been the same day
so he would remember the date.

The light bulb in my head went off,
I asked Julie for her birth date
and the birth dates of her sons.
If I made them into something
Matt could keep,
maybe he would,
at least,
remember to look.

Don't know what he thought of it . . .
probably thinks his Aunt Paula
is nuttier
than he thought before!

While the post wedding pictures
were being taken,
I noticed the back of the ornament
hanging on Julie's bouquet.
I elbowed the husband
and told him to look.
I had told her that I thought
it would be neat to carry it there
and then use it as a Christmas Tree ornament.
Made me all warm and fuzzy inside
that she carried it.

This is how I finished the back . . . her colors were champagne, cream, black and raspberry pink.

Both gifts together.

I have something else in mind
to make for them.
once I get it down on paper
I can start it.

My mind's eye
can see it,
but there are still some blank spaces
in the mind's eye design.
Perhaps some computer designing time
will make things fall together.

Wondering How The Design Will Finish Up?
P.S. If you like the heart design or key ring, they are available here. Remember, all money I make on patterns is donated to the Wyoming County, New York, SPCA.


  1. glad you enjoyed your visit. Beautiful gifts! I am still thinking of something to make for my sister for her wedding in August!

  2. Beautiful work Paula! The heart is beautiful, and I got a kick out of the key ring! ~tina


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