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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Wedding

Ah yes, 

Well, home in New York, anyway.
We just spent 5 days
at home

It's pretty neat having 2 homes.

The purpose of the trip
was to watch my youngest nephew,
marry the love of his life,

I do believe
it was the sweetest wedding
I have ever attended.
The only guests were
the parents of the couple,
their siblings,

 The Groom's family:
My brother Lee, his wife Cindy, siblings Allison, Chris and Lauren. Then add in Rod and Tawnie to round out this group.My brother Lee, his wife Cindy, siblings Allison, Chris and Lauren. Then add in Rod and Tawnie to round out this group.
families and/or "significant  others"
(Rod is pretty significant, isn't  he Lauren?)
Tawnie's  shoulder, Lauren and Rod.
and their spouses
and last, but not least,
Tocco and the Mrs.
and last, 
but not least 
the ushers . . . 
Parky and Ness.
Derreck Parkevich, Joe Ness, Trent Tocco and his Mrs.
Total . . . under 50 guests.

sweet and intimate.
The reception
was my kind of reception  . . .
kid friendly
and yummy.
flat bread,
meat and cheese tray,
(I am salivating remembering it) 
veggie tray,
macaroni salad,
baked beans
and possibly the coolest part . . .
individual bags of different types of chips.
Like I said . . . 
My Kind of Meal!! !

Our wedding gift,
until I get my hand made
gift done,
was the wedding cake
and chocolates.

When we went into the reception area,
I just smiled.
At each place setting,
they had placed one of the hearts.
My oldest niece, Allison. You can see the table settings with the chocolates.
Then placed more hearts
on a plate on each table 
and the remaining hearts
were on the cake table.

Julie's choice of cake was chocolate.
So we had both tiers
of the wedding cake
made of chocolate.
Then, the extra 1/4 sheet cake
was a yellow cake.

Cake table with chocolates by the napkins, nuts to the far right. The 1/4 sheet in the box at the back and Julie's bouquet.
Each cake was three layers
with Julie's choice of a
raspberry filling
(fresh raspberries, as it turned out) 
and iced in a champagne color 
butter cream icing.

I think the cake survived
the 8+ hour drive from 
New York to Indiana
and the wait from 
Wednesday at 8:30 am,
when we picked it up,
until the 6:30 pm
Saturday night wedding.

The baker said 
she though the cake would look nice 
 flowers on it.
It did . . . 
and they had the ribbons
with their names on it
made into bows and they added
that finishing  touch.

How do you think the cake survived?

The only time Aunt Paula cried
was when  I saw Matt's sister,
my niece,
Lauren crying.
I knew exactly how she felt . . .
there is one picture of me
getting ready to walk down the aisle
at Lee and Cindy's wedding
(my brother, her parents)
with the reddest nose . . . 
I had been crying.
I knew my brother
would never be the brother
I had known.
He would still be my brother . . . 
but it would never be the same :0{ 

I think Lauren was having
that same feeling.
It's hard to  explain . . . 
but if you 
have ever 
had a brother get married,
you know that feeling . . . 
at least you know it
if you loved your brother.

Time to go . . .
6 days of laundry
is hanging in a bag
on the stair railing to the basement.
I think I have heard it
calling my name this morning
and it sure doesn't want to be ignored.

I Now Have Another Niece,
Her Name is JULIE


  1. It's not the number of guest you have - it the love of the guests that matters. I am with you - small weddings are the best!

    Glad to hear you had a wonderful time!

  2. I'm glad you had a safe and wonderful trip!!

    Where in Indiana?? We have Family down in Greene County! Linton to be Specific!

    The pictures are wonderful!! The cake is Beautiful!!

  3. Wow! Sounds fun! Glad you enjoyed your time away!!


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