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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3rd Blogoversary

I have found a give~away . . . 3rd Blogoversary give~away at Hooked on Stitches. If you are a stitcher and haven't been there . . run, little stitchers, run as fast as you can to this blog and see what she has I am SO IMPRESSED with her finished works, specially her Flat Folds, which I have pictured here. I haven't seen the finishing instructions for these, but I'm going on the hunt now. Wouldn't they be wonderful for Christmas, or any holiday, stitching?

Again, make sure you check out Hooked on Stitches. Not only for the give~away, more to keep sup with her gorgeous work. Oh, April 29th is the magic day.

On the hunt for Flat Fold Directions

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  1. hey! i put zero for women name starting with w that i know. i bet someone will come to me...just can't recall right now. :o) hope ya'll are good! xoxox


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