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Monday, April 18, 2011

The Letter "W"

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Just for fun, would you leave a comment listing the number of women you know who have names beginning with the letter "W." The do not have too be friends, not even acquaintances . . . you have just heard their name.

Here's why I ask this.

My maternal grandfather's surname began with a "W."  His father's children just exploded with children, grand children, great grands, etc., etc., etc.

One of the men in the tree named his daughter Wanda. She was the only daughter in a family with 2,000,000 sons. Well, I exaggerate a bit, but I'll bet they could have made a basketball team with a deep bench.

So, here we have a woman not only with a surname beginning with a "W" but a  1st name beginning with a "W."

Fast forward a bit . . .  one of the brothers of this Wanda marries a woman named Wanda. Go figure?

That's why I asked about the "W" women's names you know. Here are sister-in-laws who share the same "W" name. To me, that is odd.

That has sure made it hard when I was doing my archived newspaper reading today for my Family Tree.

Oh, and two branches of the tree had sons with the "W" first names . . both William. And, they are living in the same basic area of the state   and they are pretty close to the same age . . . it isn't fun trying to figure which one of them is which either.
So, leave a comment with the list of women's names you can think of, right off the top of your head, that begin with a "W." And, they must women you have heard of with the name, not just a name you have seen in a baby book.

I wonder how many of you will repeat names . . . which is just fine by me. 


  1. The only "W" woman's name I can think of, of the top of my head, is Wynonna (as in Judd.)

  2. Name that came into my mind is Wilma. Though I'm not sure how popular if even known it's in English speaking countries.

  3. I went to school with two Wendys and 1 Wanda.

    Also, I know a pair of brothers Kelly and Chris J. Kelly J married a Chris (and is now married to a Patty) and Chris's wife's name was Kelly.

    Another one - Gene S. married a Jean. When their daughter answered the phone and some one wanted Gene/Jean she would ask, "My Mom or my Dad?"

    My daughter's babysitter was Dawn and her mother was Donna.

    Have fun!

  4. I know a Wendy, Willow and Winona. also wilma flintstone of course :)

  5. I knew a lady at church was called Wanna (that is the correct spelling too)

  6. Well, I know a woman at my church, named Wendy.. and my mind just stops there, rather abruptly, as I keep thinking of the little segment on Sesame St, "W- W- W- Willamina!!!" LOL! Remember that one?! ~tina

  7. ok, I have a cousin named Wilma and a friend name Willa.

    So that's two I know personally ...

    then there's the celebrities that I can think of
    Wynonna Judd
    Willow Smith (Will Smith's daughter)

  8. blogg hopping and found yours..made me smile..wilma, wanda,winifred, wyona, wheezy..that's all I got


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