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Sunday, April 10, 2011

A New Creation

I have made these before, but I think this is my favorite one yet . . . but then again,isn't your last creation your favorite? Or, do you despise it because it caused you so much trouble? I seem to swing one way or another . . . very few, "Well, I guess it's okay" projects.

This creation, however, has a story behind it. I will start my story at the top.

Apple: It represents me . . I like the precise color contrast.

Stork Scissors: always at my side when I do my needlework.

Stars: every project is the star when I am working on it.

Wish: I wish it were finished.
Dream: I always dream of how I want my creations to look when finished.

Smiling Sun: "Made with a smile."

Silk Cord: My 1st love, embroidery floss.

Spinner: My mind is always in a "twirl" when I am searching for "just what I want."

Angel: I like to think my grandma is my needlework "guardian angel." I know my love for thread and yarn comes from her.

This "scissors fob" can be used in two ways:
  1. When taking my project bag with me, I can put my scissors on the chain and then wrap the chain around the handle of the bag. The "lobster claw clasp" is then clipped around the chain.. Thus, my scissors are hooked onto the bag with a chain hanging out (for decoration AND it draws comments from other people thus starting a conversation.) If I don't do this, I usually find them at the bottom of the bag . . . after I  have taken everything out because I couldn't find them.

  1. Hook the clasp onto the scissors when I am with other "yarnies" who all seem to have the same scissors. This way I know I am going to take at are mine home . . . not someone else's that are dull :0}

I have found that no matter how I use it, it always seems to start a conversation . . . even when I have it out in a non-yarnie place other people will stop by and ask me about it.

So, I shall leave you "just a 'cut' above the rest!"


  1. Oh how lovely it is! I like the story behind every dangle.


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