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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

The Boom Is Out

It is now officially Spring in Western New York. The ice boom was removed from it's location at the confluence of the Niagara River and Lake Erie. (Probably isn't a confluence because the land just narrows there and the river starts I just couldn't think of the right word.) And, "what is the 'boom," you ask?

The 'boom' is a floating barrier that keeps the ice from Lake Erie in Lake Erie. If it come down on it's own it will damage the water intakes closer to Niagara falls. By placing the 'boom' in, man controls when the ice starts moving down the river.

I always like to share pictures of this. Last year, there was very little ice left when the boom' came out so no pictures of my "mini glaciers."  This year, I think it will be pretty neat.

So, without further adieu I  give you the Niagara River and it's glacier ice from Lake Erie.

Doesn't this look like a marshmallow on an island?
 More to come, same Bat Time, same Bat Channel! (Channel, river  . . get it?


  1. Beautiful pictures Paula! Happy Spring to you! We've finally had a few gorgeous days here too, and it feels "ABOUT TIME"!! We've walked the dog every chance we get, and he's lovin' it just as much as we are! ~tina

  2. Incredible! Love the pictures!

  3. What lovely pictures you have! We are still waiting for the snow to go away and the ice to melt from the lakes.

  4. Not much ice at all! Thanks for the pics!

    Yes, spring is here - I can tell by the rain. But, Sunday was glorious!

  5. Fantastic photos Paula...yup got it.

  6. Hi Paula,
    how are you doing dear, its been a long time ......
    i am soon going to celebrate my fist blogoversary,
    i shall be comleting one year on 23 april . i am hosting a give away ,you are cordially invited to join .


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