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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Sta-Flo Liquid Starch

I had run out of my liquid starch, since we moved, and was aghast  . . . I could not find an yin our local grocery store . . . it is a BIG chain store in this part of the US. I then went to the other big chain, and they didn't have it either.

Now, I know that women don't iron much, so why do they need starch? There are a few brands of spray starch, but no liquid! How will I EVER stiffen my crocheted snowflakes again?ch.

I have tried Aileen's Fabric Stiffener .   just not the same feel I like the smooth feel of starch.

This weekend, we were at our local IGA grocery store and ALAS . . LIQUID SPRAY STARCH was staring down at me from the starch shelves . . . pretty blue bottle that I have yearned for since my last blue bottle emptied itself on the last snowflake I blocked.

Now, to find crochet projects that need stiffened . . . I am sure there are flowers that could bee made and placed in the garden for the summer.

I LOVE Liquid Starch 


  1. I love it too because you can dilute it to any stiffness you want and it's cheaper!

  2. I had an awful time finding it too..bought a couple of bottles when I did.


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