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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Family Trees

I'm almost there. I am SO trying to have the definitive list of both my maternal and paternal family trees. Now, three of them are pretty easy. One of my 4 great grandmothers, my maternal one, is so unsearchable so far. All I know is her name Caroline (Carrie) C Graham Searight Winegardner and her both and death dates. Oh, and on one census, it says she comes from Michigan.

Then there is Watson Kirkham, my maternal great grandfather on the other branch of my maternal side. He was so hard to find and then B*I*N*G*O, there he was, from Scotland, through the port of Pittsburgh, PA. He also served in the Mexican War, and he hadn't lived here very long. He was a member of the Mounted Rifles. His wife, Sarah, is American, but I am having a hard time pining down her birth date. She could have been 14 when they married, or in her early 20's. I am hoping it is the early 20's one.

On my paternal side, my great grandmother is also an enigma. I know that Grandma Jennie (Jane Bryan Masterson Patton), her daughter, my paternal Grandmother always referred to her as Jennie, was married prior to my Grandpa. She brought three children into the marriage, Grandpa's previous wife had died, and he had three children, and then they had three of their own. I don't know if she was born in Ohio or Indiana, need to re-check some Census'. And, for the life of me, I can find NO RECORDS or her dying in Fulton County. Now, they have a GREAT online genealogy set of records, but she does not appear in any of their records of deaths nor does she have an obituary listed I do know her birth and death dates.

SO, I am thinking that once I get to the end, no, I think it is the beginnings of, the branches of my tree .. . and I can not go anywhere else, I shall start to really dig into these people

Oh, one AWESOME thing. Grandpa Watson and Grandma Sarah are buried at the old 9th Street Cemetery. They each have bronze markers that Barbara Schull Wolfe, known as the genealogist of Cass County, worked on so soldiers, wives, from the Civil, Mexican and War of 1812 would have govt' markers. (Interesting fact, Mrs. Wolfe is on my Maternal Family Tree . . one that has a VERY LONG branch, with TONS of off shoots . . thank you Reverend!

Just got back from searching for, and finding, the husbands great great grandparents graves in "Clarence Hollow, NY." Doesn't that sound like a charming place .  and it is. So much of the oldness in the ton has been kept there and made into these quaint shops.

Then, I get online and have an email from a may who researches, and lives in,Andersonville, GA. he has done some researching on my  grt-grt grandfather, The Rev's brother. The records say he deserted in a place called Tunnel Hill, GA. If he did, why didn't he ever return home, and why were his parents told that he was killed in Andersonville, instead of Anderson Station or Tunnel Hill, Virginia? And why is he listed in the Logansport Newspaper, in 1990, as having served in the Indiana 9th Infantry, Company "K" for the Mexican War instead of the Civil War? Sure makes me wish I could go back in history to find out what really did happen . . . but, then I would want to have my modern day conveniences while traveling back in time, and I don't think that would be allowed Do you?

Now, must go and work on a wedding Present . . . I can see where it is going and, so far, I like what I see :0}

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