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Friday, May 6, 2011

Family Bible

This is what I spent the afternoon doing . . scanning all of the items I could find in the Family Bible. The only thing is, I don't know if it belonged to the Winegardner, Kreider or Kirkham branch of the tree . . because all three sets are in it.

Get ready for a PICTURE heavy post. I want to document everything that I found.

As ornate as the front and back covers are, I tend to lean toward the Winegardner side . . since my Great Grandpa Winegardner was a minister. But, having had 8 children and so many grandchildren, I am sure it did not make it to us.

S, I am thinking it might have been either my Grandma and Grandpa Winegardner or from Grandma's mother's family, the Kirkhams.

I had seen this earlier, and could make out the name Krider, so I thought it was my Grandma Winegardner's grandfather's siblings on the list. When I pieced it together and increased the size, I started crying . . it belonged to Grandma's grandparents, and there, on the top line, was my Grandpa William Heddens Krider. I had seen the H but never knew his middle name was his mother's maiden  name.

I then cropped the section that belonged to my Great Grandpa Kreider (that is how he spelled his last name), I was something else.

There, in all it's glory, is his name, written by one of his parents, along with his birth date, the next column is his marriage date. So, I still no not know when, or where he died, but, I am sure, in time, it too will show up.

Oh, look what else I found!

Pretty Cool, huh?

Here is a close up of the needlework and to my surprise, there was a name written on the back . . .

Mt Great Grandma Ellie had made this  bookmark. So, I now know that she passed the love of thread to Grandma and Grandma passed it onto me. Not sure what happened with Mom in that chain?

Now for the pictures I found . . Only two had names, but given that one was my maternal Great Grandma, Ellie, I think I might be able to figure out who is who.

I know this is G-Grandma Ella . . it has her name on the back.
Do you think any of the next 4 babies look like her?

Now these three "children" were also in the back of the  bible.

 I think this might be my Grandma Pearl and her sister Agnes Belle. Age wise, Agnes was about 6 years older than Grandma, and that would fit this picture. Plus, I think hat the person on the left, whom I think is my Grandma, has the same type of drooping eyelids that Mom and I have.

Now, it could also be Great Grandma Ella and her sister Mary. Great Grandma Ella was 6 years older than her sister. But, they didn't have a brother . . and this next picture is on the same page. That's why I tend to go Grandma and Agnes . . and this next picture is Uncle Ed . . . he was two years younger than Agnes and four years older than Grandma . .

Now, look at the eyes of this boy . . don't they look the same as the eyes of the baby in the picture directly above the sisters in the plaid dresses? So, perhaps, those baby pictures are Grandma Pearl, Agnes, Ed and their half sister Mary? Who knows.

Now, let's try to get some parents for these kids.
Notice the slight pink tint on the cheeks. It didn't show up until I enlarged the picture.

I am thinking that the young woman above might be my great-great grandma Sarah and the man below is her husband, Watson Kirkham, who immigrated here from Scotland when he was 36. There was 20 years difference in their ages, and this could almost go with those age differences. Sarah would have been 28 and  Watson would have been 48 when they got married. (At least with the info I have found so far, those would have been the ages.) They were only married 7 years when Watson died. Great Grandma Ella would have been 7 years old and her sister Mary would have been a year old. How sad.

Here are two other pictures I think might be Sarah as she got older.
In all three of the pictures I think are Sarah, the lady has her hair pulled back off of her face. If it is her this is another trait that got passed to me . . In the summer, when my hair is long enough I ALWAYS pull  it off my face . . similar to the youngest picture. And, stranger yet, my hair naturally parts where the hair in the younger picture parts . . . Man, if this lady is no relation to me, I will be surprised.
Now, on to some older pictures . . . these two are tin types . . . and were found between the same pages as all of the Krider Information. So, I am wondering if  They are my Great Grandpa William's parents David and Margaret Krider?
But, then again, this could be very old picture of Sarah.
Well, I think I shall leave you all now. I know I will spend a lot of time, this evening, looking at these pictures and comparing people.
Thanks for Taking This Ride With Me

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