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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Happy Mother's Day

Do you have a favorite Mother's Day Memory? I do. The year Mom let me pierce my ears, had to cover them with my hair so Dad didn't know until it was over, she gave me a present for Mother's Day. She said if it weren't for my brother and I, she wouldn't be ale to celebrate. My gift, garnet studs . . garnet is my birthstone. They are still in my jewelry box, though my piercings closed over 20 years ago . . they remain.

Now, to celebrate Mom . . .some of my favorite pictures.
When I saw "The Duchess of Cambridge's" dress, it reminded me of Mom's dress.
By the way, I wanted Mom & Dad's cake topper on our cake table at the wedding. Rhonda surprised me, she took the snowflakes off the top of the cake and placed theirs on top. That was another special part of our special day . . specially since Mom and Dad had been gone for a long time .
I had to include this picture of Dad.
Mom said she thought he looked like Humphrey Bogart.
Dad always said he fell for the dimples on her knees when she was in choir at church!

And 9 months later, my brother appeared. Well, a little longer than that. Dad always said they picked him up when the train went around Horseshoe Pass on their way back from their Honeymoon in New York City. Mom always said she sure got to know Dad quick in the sleeping car they had on the way to New York.

Wish Mom could have remembered what Louis (Ridenour) said to her. Must have been good!
From Left, Henry M Gaumer (grandpa), Ruth Gaumer Wolford (aunt), Helen Gaumer (aunt), Dad, Mom, Pearl Kreider Winegardner (grandma) and Earl Winegardner (Grandpa).

Grandpa was ill when Mom and Dad got married. Mom always said when he found out she was going to have a child, it made him hold on longer. He died 4 months after my brother was born. So he did get to meet his grandson. I always wished he had lived long enough for me to get to know him. He and Mom has such a special bond. But, then again, I have, well, had, that same bondwith Dad.

Easter 1953 . . . isn't the brother a dapper young man?
I know, no Mom. But I had to include this . . my 1st Birthday, check out the hair . . grew fast from the beginning.  Anyway, I put this picture in because from the 1st Birthday, Mom lays made our birthdays special events. By the way, doesn't the brother look thrilled to be in the picture? Pure love for his little sister.

Happy Mothers Day, Mom. You may be gone, but as long as I am alive, you will never be forgotten!


  1. I thought about my mom yesterday too. She's been gone a very long time. Hey....your pics and words are cut off on the right side.

  2. What fun memories! Thanks for sharing the great stories and pictures!!!


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