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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Need to Write

I hate cramps! ! ! ! ! 

Never had the bad ones
that can send you to bed.

But the continual pain,
that let's you know
that God has a warped
sense of humor,
can go away at any time.

Haven't had a period
in 12 years.
(I wonder if I had banked
the monthly cost of
"sanitary products"
I would have a 
larger savings account.)
Haven't really missed them.
Never had any problems with them

One day, 
to may years ago 
to remember
yet I know 
I was in elementary school, 
I just started.

as quickly as it started,
it stopped.
No hot flashes,
night sweats,
nothing that 
women complain about.
It was just day 28
and nothing.
That had only happened
one time before. . . 
I was in my mid 20's,
and scared.
on day 56,
there is was again.
And the clockwork,
that was controlling
my uterine lining 
was back.

last Wednesday,
that clockwork started again.

I says to myself.
Something isn't 
quite right here."

Called the Dr.
he gave me three directions:
1. stop taking aspirin.
(Check . . wasn't taking it anyway.)
2. Wait for a call from his office
to schedule an ultrasound
3 when the ultrasound was scheduled,
I would be scheduled to see him too.

Did the ultrasound yesterday.
Saw Dr. Bartels today. 
(Side comment . . . 
His grandparents came from
Turn right on US 24 East
from  my hometown,
and you drive through Peru.
So I guess I picked the right doc.)
Found out
my uturine lining
is too thick.

Tried to do a biopsy
in the office . .  .
How can something
like that hide . . .
well, maybe not hide
but be hard to see.
The doctor did the 3-Strikes
and your out rule.

now I get to wait
until his office
calls my primary care doc
tomake sure I an okay
in the anethetic area.
I'll be the one
"with bells  on"
when I see him next.

Home I came
to check out
"thick uterine lining"
consider it  cancer
until proven otherwise.

Sounds good to me . . .
The doc
seemed to think I took the notion
of a D&C well.
I told him
that Mom had had one years ago,
so this was just another way
I would be bonding with her.

quit your laughing
and stay with me.
You went through this
so much younger than me.
I hope th at I deal with it
as well as you did

I am pretty sure I will.
I mean,
what else does one do
but deal with it?


  1. Wow--I hope everything turns out well for you! Hopefully they can get you some answers pretty soon.

  2. Let's just go with 'otherwise' shall we? Keep us informed. ((Hugs))

    I haven't had one this year, one last year, and 2 the yr before. Not missing them at all! Told the dr if loosing weight would cause them to come back - I'd stay fat!

    Take care!

  3. Female stuff.....it bites. And it really bites that all this time passed and now all of a sudden it crops up. Geeze....I'll be thinking of you, hoping for the best for you! xoxoxo


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