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Thursday, June 2, 2011

Did You Get This Presentation, Too?

It was probably 4th grade,
maybe 5th.

If you are old enough,
you remember 
"the presentation"
I'm talking about . . . 
girls go into one room
and boys go into the other.

It was at this time 
I found out I would have
a "blooming garden"
growing inside me 
once a month.

No blooming flowers, beautiful garden art, sweet bird and Victorian lady in my house this evening. But the flowing water does make a statement.  LOLOL
 That's how the whole experience
was shown.
I think it was a production
of Kotex and Disney.
When we left,
we got our prerequisite books
and a calendar,
just in case. 

I already had my calendar
and Mom had done 
a pretty good job 
getting me ready.
Not that we had talked about it,
I don't know if we did.
but there was a walk through closet,
between Mom & Dad's room and mine.
This was the closet Mom used.
She had the tallest box of pads
I had ever seen sitting in there.
I know when I realized 
they were there 
I asked about them.
when I realized that a 
brown paper shopping bag 
would appear
 once a month,
I asked about that too.

So, I knew about
what I had to look forward too.
Seemed like the norm.
So "the presentation"
was old hat.

When I brought 
the pamphlet home,
I put it where 
I always put stuff from school  . .
on the dining room table.

Later that evening,
the brother was sitting 
on the west side 
of the buffet
reading it.
He never said anything about it,
but I guess he realized
that his little sister,
I'm 4 years younger,
was growing up

So, today  the 
rivers through the garden again. 
Not as bad as it was earlier in this month.
But, then again, 
this one was man made.
For those of you who have had  a D&C
you know the procedure,
into the operating room,
instead of stirrups,
the legs are out up on 
"leg holders" that are
a lot more secure 
than the stirrups,
I must say. 

for the worse part 
of the day.
Not the surgery,
lying there,
legs up,
in a cool, Operating Room 6,
with cool air 
"cooling me off"
waiting or the anesthesiologist
to arrive. 
Wonder if you 
can catch a cold

Hope not!
If I had to cough,
it would probably
pee my  pants . . . 
just one more 
"pain in the posterior"
to deal with.

Wonder if Cough Syrup Would be Drank or Rubbed On? 


  1. Good luck - don't envy you a bit of this. Hope you don't catch cold! lol

  2. Isn't it wonderful 'growing up'?? I kind of hate it myself. I want to stay young forever...I want to go backwards like that movie only stay at a certain age. Sigh.....


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