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Friday, June 3, 2011

Rice Krispie Treats

All yarnie/threadie people
know the feeling.

I think I goofed.
(Insert your choice of words here. 
Mine would be something like
!#5^&8(0(*76%%^&*t ! ! ! ! !)
Now, can I make it work,
or does it  get frogged?

Make it work,
Make it work,
Make it work ! ! ! ! !

depending on t
he amount of work put in,
and the price of the yarn,
you can either
1. Make it work,
2. Frog it.
3. Toss the whole mess away,
wipe your hands of it and
start all over again.

I discovered this
when making Rice Krispie treats
this week.

I remembered to use 
cooking spray
on the bowl,
and dish

I know, 
"So far, so good."

I put the marshmallows
in the bowl and,
as my Grandma Gaumer would say,
throw in a piece of butter 
the size of an egg.
Nuke it for a minute
and see what it looks like.
If ready, mix up the marshmallow goo. 
Nuke more if needed.
When the "goo"is is smooth
when stirred/mixed, whatever,
add Rice Krispies,
a little at a time until you have
added all of the cereal that the
will take.

so far, so good again.

Pour cereal/goo
into sprayed pan.
Whoops, I forgot I was making
a full recipe
so now some fun begins
 Using a sheet of wax paper
I try to "shove"
a full recipe of
"cereal goo"
into an 8" x 8" pan.
Hum, guess I'll have to eat
whatever doesn't fit.
Darn :0}

I notice the feel
of the "cereal goo"
under the waxed paper
feels weird.
The cereal pieces are
larger than normal.
Okay, I went generic,
but still.
Upon closer look at the cereal,
I realize that I had bought
generic "puffed rice."
Hum, again,
what will this taste like?

not bad . . .
instead of a sweet cereal taste
the taste of the marshmallow is there.
The rice is puffier,
duh, puffed rice,
so the pieces,
when cut,
look larger.

Will I make this again?
If I buy puffed rice by mistake,
Would I go out of my way
to use puffed rice again,

as I look at one large piece
that is left in the pan,
I see it as my lunch for today.
It does have, what do they call it
on the cooking shows,
good mouth feel?
Yeah, that's what it has.
A nice, soft, mouth feel.

Yummy In My Tummy!


  1. LOL! Great post!.. But I haven't made these in some time.. They sure do sound #%@*^#R&*%-in' GOOD!!! (gasp! Shhhhh! I hope nobody heard that!)... Have a great weekend, Paula! ~tina

  2. Ha ha ha!!!! Your posts always make me laugh! Such great descriptions.


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