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Friday, June 3, 2011

Finishes this Week

Indy's Bra

Here is the pattern on Ravelry:
The pattern is designed for a MUCH smaller dog
so I wrote my adjustments
on my Ravelry project page:

Since I "winged it,
I think I did a pretty good job.
Next time,
I think I need to make the piece  between her legs longer
and the front strap shorter.
it might rest higher up on her chest.

When we take our 1st 'real walk"
I'll decide if I need to make another one.

Second finish this week
comes from a posting at Scotty's Place.

Here is the pattern
Since I have
an Apple themed kitchen,
I used up the remains
of my Christmas Cotton Yarn
Thus, the design
Whatever was left at the end, I used as a border.
Looks pretty nice for a Dish Mat, huh?

Now, Back to Genealogy Land

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  1. Poor Bridget hates to walk. She's kind of like me - less is more! And yet - there is more of us both. lol Hope Indy likes her bra! And I never thought about apples and Christmas sharing colors - lucky you!


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