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Monday, July 18, 2011

1st Corn of the Season

I always forget, from year to year, how GREAT the 1st corn of the season tastes . . . and it never fails to amaze me . . . it is always just perfect! The balance of the sweet corn, butter and salt . . makes it lip-smackin' good.

Years ago, when I bought my 1st microwave, it came with a hardbound recipe book. I tried a lot of things in it but the only thing I have remembered is cooking corn -on-the-cob. Since I started this, it is the ONLY way I cook it . . and I made a believeer of the husband too.

Place the corn, in husks with the silks, on the microwave plate . . .alternating their direction. If you have more than one level, turn the 2nd level the other way. 8 - 10 ears is the max I have ever done.

Then, set the timer for 2 minutes for each ear of corn . . . 3 minutes if you are worried you will underrcook them. When they are done, remove them . . and I would suggest you use a pot holder or oven mitt . . . grab the silks and pull down . . . you will end up removing almost all the silks, and all the husks this way. Of course, there are always those pesky silks that hide in the rows of the corn, but they come off easily now.

Only thing I have added to the directions is . . . cut the part of the ear that connected to the stalk as close to the cob as you can . . . makes them fit in the oven better AND when I get ready to "de-silk and husk" I put one of those corn-cob picks inthe end to help support what I'm doing.

Let me know when you try this and how good it works for you.

Oh, one last thing . . . I usually stretch a trash bag over a drawer by the sink so I can toss all my "corn bits" directly into it. Makes clean up a breeze.

Sorry for all of the typos . . . I am on the netbook which runs Firefox and it doesn't show all of the options at the top of the post to add/correct things ;0{

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