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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Cross Stitch Question

I need some help from my fellow Cross Stitchers.

Do any of you use your computer to make patterns? (I think Denise does . . .do you Denise?)

If you do, what software do you use?

I have the libraries for PC STITCH and wonder if I should spend the money any by PC STITCH PRO.

PLEASE, give me some help . . . and I would appreciate it if you Cross Stitchers would post my question on your blogs so I can get a LOT of feedback. Sometimes, I like the designing part better than the stitching part.


  1. Hey Paula - I do have the program. I use Pattern Maker Pro. This thing does WAY more than my little brain has ever dreamt of.

    I can loose myself for hours designing. I'll add this post to my last post and link it back to you!

  2. I have PC Stitch Pro. I haven't done much with it but it is user friendly.


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