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Thursday, July 14, 2011


Yeppers, I'm a cursing here in Western New York. I can't find either of the American/Scottish flag hearts I made. They were in the "craft basket" one day and later that day . . . . P-O-O-F . . . . they disappeared.

I bet I know where they disappeared to . . . that special place where socks ,disappear to when they get washed. You know that place. We've never been to it, but we all have those "onsie" socks who have lost their mate. I'll bet those socks are now running my flag hearts up their flagpoles ! ! ! ! !

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  1. I know about that place socks run off to. I have a bag full of socks without mates and I know as soon as I toss them that the mates will show up lol!


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