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Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Dust Bunnies

Do you know what a Dust Bunny is? I am sure you have seen them, lurking under beds and sofas on hard wood floors. I think they are the dust equivalent of those tumbleweeds that used to roll down the streets of western cities in those old Wild West movies.

Whenever I am asked if I collect anything, I always say, "I collect Dust Bunnies." Now, I am making Dust Bunnies . . and, NO, I don't mean THOSE kind of Dust Bunnies. I am talking about Dust Bunnies Even A Mother Could Love.

Wanna See them?

Do I hear right? Are you saying, "Well of COURSE we want to see them, you ninnie?"

Okay, let me go get some pictures so you can see them.


This is Blu Bunny. Why, you may ask, is he blue? He's blue because the other bunnies make fun of his short ears. I kept telling him that his ears are adorable, but he still wanted to move away from "home," so he is in the Etsy shop, looking for a new home where he will be loved, short ears and all.
He has told me that he would like to spend his working hours as a key ring, or a back pack charm for a student. This way, he will be able to to see the world through the eyes of a child.
Then, there is his sister, Veronica Variegated. There must be a family thing about their looks. She isn't happy with her lop sided ears.  I keep telling her, "You are a lop eared bunny. You are supposed to have lop ears!"
Well, she doesn't see it that way. She thinks if she moves away from home she can find a place where no one will laugh at her. I told her that is she wants a job like her brother, Blu, she will be right in the middle of those years where children make fun of everything! But, of course, what do I know =(
I think Veronica is so sweet . . . I just want to rub those ears.
This is the Dust Bunnies cousin, Pietro Pear.
He lives in the kitchen. His family was, originally, from Italy and were SUPREME cooks. As a matter of fact, here is a picture of the recipe that Pietro's ancestors are said to have invented. We call it Pear tart. Pietro says it is called crostata di mele. If you speak Italian, let me know what Pietro is saying. He can have quite a mouth on him!
He, and the other cousins in the house, can be rather nasty to their Dust Bunny cousins. These cousins think they are better than the Bunnies, since they can trace their family tree's back further than the last vacuuming in the house.

Personally, I think Pietro is so cute. I mean, look at  that curly/wavy brown hair. And the way he wears one green leaf ear ring is so sweet.
Just don't tell the other bunnies how I feel Then I would have total chaos in my home.

Now, one of Petro's sisters, Pia, has decided she wants to live with her Aunt Sally and Uncle Jerry. She has let her hair grow long and wants the job of being the ceiling fan pull for her Uncle Jerry's kitchen. I told her I would take her with us, today, when we go to see them, but they might not want her and she will have to come home. We shall see what happens.

The Dust Bunnies Momma =)


  1. Well, you've seen MY dust bunnies on pictures. I much prefer your cute ones!

    I just saw this: http://pinterest.com/martamccall/i-can-do-that-crochet/ and I thought about you! :-)

  2. Love those bunnies...they are very cute!


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