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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Making a Slideshow Gadget

I have
with the Slide Show Gadget
for Blogger.

It was more of a SIDE SHOW than a SLIDE SHOW!
if you look at my sidebar,
AMEN Cookie Monster . . That is EXACTLY what I thought each time my Slide Show failed!

figure out what the User Name
meant . .
and DUH,
I know what my FLICKR
username is . . but it didn't work.
I felt like I was on THE GONG SHOW as "The Unknown User!"

I found a post that told me WHAT to use.

So, here is what I did:
1. I opened up my FLICKR account
2 . Clicked on ORGANIZE at the bottom of the page
3. Clicked SET and COLLECTIONS at the top of this page.
4. Clicked the word SET to start a new set.
5. Named the set in a way so I knew what ETSY Items were going into it.

Folder 1: People with Red Noses
Things for Dogs
Pencil Toppers

6. Started dragging the pictures I wanted into the folder
(You may have to rename your set . . no problem-o.)
7. Saved the set, once I had a name I liked.
8. At the bottom of this page . . in TEENY, TINY LETTERS it says,
"Open Set Page." . . .CLICK ON THAT!
9. Copy the URL for this page:
10 This URL has the user name in it.
For this set, the user is:29357791@053/sets/72157626999926673

Now, when you make a Slide Show,
using FLICKR,
and I,
know where to get the individual user name
for each set we want to display.



  1. Glad you finally got your slideshow. I know it was a pain in the rear but I don't remember it being that complicated - then again I was just pressing buttons!

  2. Hey! Where'd you get that sideshow pic of me????????? lmao.....I'm almost as covered as that lovely lady is. :o)

  3. Hey...got your comment. Leo is doing ok. I'm having fits with him peeing in the house. From everything I've read he's having separation anxiety and nothing is helping. I'm having to come home from work every day and hunt out the spot, clean it up and spray the No Mark stuff. He even pee'd in his cage and laid in it one day...I'm about at my wits end with him. :o( Love him to death...hate cleaning up pee every day.


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