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Saturday, August 13, 2011

2011 . . . Smokin' Eagles Bar-B-Que Along the Erie Canal

Yes, blogland readers . . we were along side the famous, as in "I got a mule and her name is Sal," Erie Canal for lunch today.

On our side of the harbor were the smaller bar-b-que-ers. They were there for the competition. Some professional and some not . . .either way, the smells coming from their smokers and grills were out of this world.

As we walked along the harbor, I saw one of my FAVORITE boats. I want one one of these days! I wonder where you can buy old Coast Guard, inland water boats.
I mean, couldn't you just see one of these outfitted with a machine gun on the front . . scaring the be-jesus out of people on the Keys in Florida? No, honestly, there is room  inside to have a bed, would have to get some kind of commode . . because I saw pone of them returning from the NT side of the harbor and he made a stop at the Port-A-Potties . . so I figured they didn't have one . . if they do, I am sure you can see their "heads", get it Navy people . . .heads . . . when they were sitting down.

This is the actual gateway of the Erie Canal now-a-days. On the left, you can see where they joined the canal with little Tonawanda Creek. I should have turned around so I could have shown you where the Canal entered our town . . . but, it has been filled in and is now Niagara Street.

This is looking at the North Tonawanda side of Gateway Harbor. The nice looking building was originally a factory . . they made silk gloves, I believe. But, in the NT, people buy the old buildings and remodel them into businesses and living quarters. This building has both . . and they also have concerts there once or twice a week.

AS you can see . . it wasn't too busy at 10:00 this morning. (See the lady with the orange-ish dress and hat walking with the guy in the shorts, pink T-shirt and baseball hat . . . ran into her a couple of times . . surprised she was there . . no idea who she was but she sure gave off the "I sure am better than all of THESE people feel" every time I was around her. Too bad I couldn't think of something to say . . hope I haven't lost my touch :0{

Just had to take a pix of this . . . it made me smile . . . not sure if they were raffling it away or just on display.

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  1. Great pics and wonderful weather. Sounded like you might have gotten a bit of rain by the weatherman.


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