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Monday, August 15, 2011

Several Finishes

When I say "several finishes" I mean I have finished 1 item that has been done, but not in presentation form, and then made and finished several dishcloths.

Here are the dishcloths. As you will be able to see, I am on a roll here.
Looks like I took this one in a fog:0}

The middle and the one to the right are done with remnants.
This is a great way to use up left over #3 yarn . . or 2 threads of #10 held together. 

This is my American/German heart. I wanted to use red/white and blue fabric for the backing but, of course, I couldn't remember where I paced it. So, I went with the fabric shown.

These could become my addiction . . . except my eyes go funky after I have been working on one for a while.

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  1. Now be careful - must take care of those peepers!

    This heart is cool. Never work for my DH and me - we're mutts! lol


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