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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Baby Sampler and Family Tree

I have spent the last two days on a baby sampler. Discovered I had left a word out of the pattern so I fixed it and  frogged it for the third or fourth time last night. Then I put it away for today. It really is an easy pattern, and the sentiment is so sweet, it should have gone  together in one evening . . Oh, well . . as Mom would say, "Such is life in the fat lane."

Today I have been working on the Winegardner side of the family tree. Kathi Baxter asked me something about it and I needed to find out if a person she knows is on it. Can't find the person . . but he HAS t be a relative somehow. So I will send Kathy the link for the blog with this family on it and see if she can get it to the person she knows. Maybe she will know where her Winegardner branch fits.

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