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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Does this clear the fog of my family?

I am still mulling over how I am related to myself. One time, I thought I had it, then I lost it, then I posted yesterday and Denise (Riverside Stitching) made me start thinking again.

Thanks a LOT Denise!

So, I thought I would make a list, comparing relatives side by side, once I figure out all of the players.

It starts with Johann Christoph (Hance) GAUMER (1687 - 1763). He, and his wife, Susan Catherine SEITZ, had 9 children . . . at least that is what I have found in other Family Tree's on Ancestry.com. Both were born in Baden-Wurtemburg, GERMANY. He died in Hawksbill Creek, Page Co, Virginia, USA. She died th same year in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania, USA. I am sure she lived longer than he. Most of the Gaumer's, once they arrived in the USA, seem to have been lived in, or around, Macungie County, Pennsylvania. So, I am thinking that after Hance died, Susan moved to Pennsylvania where her children were.

Now, back to how I am my own Cousin. I shall go with Hance as my  starting point and try to get two columns so I can see who is who, side by side, generation by generation.

Now remember, Hance and Susan had 9 children. The 7th one was Johan Dietrich "Dieter" GAUMER (1721 - 1794). He was irst married to Catherine EGNER. They had a son, Matthias who was born in 1747 and his Catherine died soon after.

He then married Maria MEINERT (1730 - 1802). Dieter and Maria had 15 more children. The 1st one, John Jacob GAUMER (before 1748 - 1820) and the last child, Jacob GAUMER (1773 - 1883).

My family lines start with their child #2, Johann Friederich GAUMER (1749 - 1815) and his younger brother, #8 of their 15, John Dietrich GAUMER (1760 - 1818).

Now, let's see the comarison of generations to see how I came out of this one family:

Johann Friedrich (1749)                              Johann Dietrich (1760)
Johan Dietrich "Dieter" (1775)                    Salome  (1799)
Solomon (1809)                                            Maria (1829)
Moses Solomon (1829)                               
                                        Jeremiah Franklin
                                        Henry Moses
                                        Paul L
                                   -->ME - Paula<--

Not being attuned to the genealogy vocabulary, so I went to myself, back to Jeremiah and looked to see if I could find a sibling of his who had a son I could marry. I found one (born in 1895). I then checked to see his relationship to me. It says he would be my 2nd Cousin 1x Removed.

So, it looks like Moses Solomon GAUMER and his wife, Maria (Mary) Anna Eliza KNEDLER  were 2nd cousins 1 time removed.

Now, if I could find more generations from this "cousin I married" I could find out how I am related to myself

Maybe I'll send this to the Cass County Genealogy Society, in my hometown in Indiana, and ask them  about it.

To Be Inbred, or Not to be Inbred, THAT is the Question!


  1. Wow, this is confusing! I thought my family was crazy! My daughter married my husband's brother. Now he is my brother-in-law and my son-in-law. My grandchildren are also my nieces! Whew! Yes, the family tree does fork! My husband is not my daughter's biological father.

  2. How do you figure it all out?!!???!! You're amazing--I'm so confused. ;-)

  3. Did I ever tell you about Billy Bob Brosius? Way back when he was a western bad boy. He happened to be black. Thinking the family might have once had slaves I asked DH's grandmother about family history - it didn't go well. Guess I'm saying be careful of the questions you ask.

    Sorry I made you think - oops? Thought about starting my family history today but didn't want to pay for what may be a 2 day adventure and never touched again.

  4. Yea, I'm with Mindy. I'm so confused. You're you and you only came from one relative on that side......right? lol Don't answer that.....


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