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Saturday, September 10, 2011

On the Road Again

On the Road Again . . .  Just can't Wait to Get on the Road Again . . . . T-5 house until liftoff to South Bend. Wish I was going by rocket . . . would be quicker . . . but, at least I will be sleeping on the train. Strange thing . . the train leaves Buffalo at 11:59 am and get into South Bend around 8:30 am. Return trip from South Bend to Buffalo is the exact same time table. Makes it easy to decide which train to take . . . LOLOL

Going "home" for Aunt Ruth's funeral. Decided to stay until Wednesday night so I can look over pictures and be with Marilyn and Debbie for some time. It has probably been over 15 years since the three of us have had any time to spend together . .so, that will be nice.

Will actually  be "home" on Monday afternoon. Aunt Ruth's funeral is in Hobart and she will be buried by Uncle Norman in Logansport. I'll be able to stop by Mom & Dad's grave while at the cemetery . . it totally slipped my mind in March . . . so, must go this time.

Hope nothing exciting goes on this week online . . . if it does . . let me know :0}

Until the end of the week,y'all!

Remember, "There's More Than Corn In Indiana!"

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  1. I'm so sorry Paula - just found out. God be with you on your trip.

    Too bad we don't have a train here in town or you could stop by here too.



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