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Sunday, September 11, 2011

The Best Laid Plans

Mom used to say this quote when something crappy happened: The best laid plans of Mice and Men.

At 11:00 pm-ish last night, that was the 1st thing hat came to mind. Wait until you hear THIS story . . .

I got to the train station for the 11:59 pm  departure of my train from Buffalo to South Bend. I had my fingers mentally crossed hoping that everything would be on time so when I got to South Bend at 8:48 I  would be able to make it to the SB airport to catch the 9:01 South Shore to Portage/Ogden Dunes so someone from the "Gary Clan" could pick me up before Aunt Ruth's viewing today.

I kissed the hubby good-bye in the car so he could start home. Went into the station, got a seeat and here comes the ticket agents out to me.

"Is there something I can do for you?" he asked.

"No," was my response.”I bought my ticket yesterday."

"Where are you going?" Was the next thing he asked.

"South Bend," my reply.

"No you're not."

"Yes I am."

"No your not . . . the train has been cancelled. The Susquehana (?) River has flooded Binghampton (NY) and the water got into a transformer and has blown everything. No trains tonight and maybe not Sunday night either."

I think to myself . . . well now THAT just sucks! ! ! ! !

To make the long story short, I got a refund, they called a taxi for me and I was home about 15 minutes after the husband got home. When he wanted to know what happened I just said, "Fast trip" as I was paying the taxi driver.

I call Marilyn this morning and tell her what's going on. She, like me, was mad at the situation but knew nothing could be done. Called Debbie later on in the morning and said, "You would think Grandpa and Dad (both deceased but retired from the Pennsylvania Railroad) could have helped me out a little more."

Now, I have an empty hole in my heart . . . it's strange but the feeling is the same as when Dad died . . just an empty, lost feeling. Needing to get with family to fill that void. Didn't have that feeling when Mom died . . . probably because she had been so sick that she was now out of that misery.

So today and tomorrow I will be in Western New York but my heart is/will be "Back Home Again in Indiana."

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  1. Oh, I'm SO sorry!! What an unexpected hiccup. =(


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