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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

The Land of my Fore Fathers and Fore Mothers

I kid my friend Sue, from Scotland, that she is one of my "peeps" since I am a great, great grand daughter of a Scottish Immigrant AND the fact that I have always loved Kilts and Scotch Plaids.

I received this postcard from her a week ago. She had gone on a day trip to Pitlochry, on the edge of the Sheffield Highlands almost smack, dab in the middle of Scotland.

She asked, "Doesn't it look like home?"

My answer . . . this is exactly the kind of town I would LOVE to live in . . but closer to Indiana, please.

Thanks for thinking of me Sue. Some day I hope to be able to visit Edinburgh, and the rest of Scotland, the land of Watson Kirkham, my great, great grandfather.

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  1. Our Matheson roots come from Forfar and Creich, Scotland. Our son had an opportunity to visit last fall and almost didn't come home. He's planning a trip with The Hubster for sometime this year and I'm afraid I might lose them both to the beauty of Scotland. Doesn't it look wonderful!?


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