Leaves on this Family Tree

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Busy, Busy, Busy, etc, etc, ect . . . .

So you asked yourself,
"What has she been up to lately
it hasn't been "no-good,"
to use Mom's favorite phrases
when she had no idea what I was doing.

So, here goes . . . .

A ball for a new puppy in the neighborhood.
A Christmas Kitty for a special girl.

An owl hat for another special little girl.

And now,
the project that has
taken the most time . . .

10 sets of Christmas coasters in matching baskets
Each basket has 4 to 6 coasters.

Think I need to start on puppy presents . . .
so I am off  to the
upstairs to pick out the yarn.


  1. You certainly have been busy!!!

  2. Wow...you do have a great start on Christmas! Love the owl hat, and those coaster sets are really nice. Those would be great presents for coworkers or those extra little gifts you sometimes need.

    I printed out your basket pattern the other night, but I haven't started on it yet. Will let you know how it turns out and post a project picture on Ravelry linking to your pattern. Of course, it will be on my blog too. It'll be everywhere!


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