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Sunday, October 23, 2011

What Will YOU Be Doing On Halloween?

The calendar says it is October 23 . . . if my Math is right, that means (hum, let's see . . 31 - 23 = 8)yes,) 8 days until Halloween.

Now, the fact that it is 8 days away from Trick - or - Treaters isn't why I look forward to it. It is/was Dad's birthday. Mom always would call him her "Little Halloweener" and I didn't get the double entendre (wonder how you spell that word?) until I was older. But, I always thought it was so funny.

Mom and Dad with Uncle Cassel (Masterson)
at their wedding reception, 24 February 1945, 9th St Christian Church, Logansport, IN.
I have always wondered what had been said just before this picture was taken . . . Dad has the beginnings of his ornery grin and Mom looks likes, "Okay, I guess I should smile at this."

By the way, I always LOVED the name Cassel (pron Castle.) I have never heard that name since . . . but it still makes me smile. Perhaps because we would visit his, and Aunt Clara's house more than any of my parent's other aunts/uncles. (Oh, I always knew Aunt Cara was Uncle Castle's housekeeper, that they weren't married. but since I have been doing the family tree I have found out more about each of their individual families.)  Uncle Cassel was Dad's mother's 1/2 brother. Grandma Goldie's parents had both been married before and lost their spouses. When they got married, They both brought children into the marriage, g-grandpa Henry brought in Samuel and Noah (pron Noy) (two of his children from Mary, wife #1, died in childhood) and g-grandma Jennie brought in 3 children, James (whom I do not remember), Nettie and Cassel. Then, together they had 3, Grandma Goldie, Uncle Si and William, who died way before I was born.

Wanna hear something else? Aunt Net was my Great Aunt, once removed. She married Lon Winegardner who is my 1st cousin once removed on Mom's side of the family. I think that is so cool! ! ! ! ! ! !

Now, the reason for this post . . . do YOU know what you will be doing for Halloween? The husband and I are all ready. We will be sitting on our front porch, waiting for all the little (and I use that term VERY loosely) tricks-or-treaters to stop by. Their treat from us will be bags of microwave popcorn. The 1st year we did this, we found individual packets of the popcorn at BJ's (like Sams' Club).
We got SO MANY "Thank Yous" from the older kids  . . 12 yrs + , that we decided to do this every year. The last couple of years we couldn't find the individual bags, so we have bought the regular kind in boxes at BJ's . . . 28 packets to the box . . . and this year it was less that $6 for 28 . . . so we bought three boxes . . . when these run out, so do we . . run back into the house and turn the porch light off.

Let me know what your plans are . . . there might be something I'd like to try.

For now . . bye from Mom and Dad.


  1. Hi Paula
    Love the photos of your mom and dad!!
    The wave good bye as they board the train .... what a great shot!

    Halloween, we hide inside. This year, I will be in Florida with Janet, Chris and Cheryl.


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