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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

BUMMER ! ! ! ! !

I LOVE the templates at Louise Franks Designs. They are so different and fresh. She designed the one I used in October with the funky bat in the heading.

I have tried since last night to get her fall template of fall background to load and I either get an error of the template or the background comes out with a white top.

I am SO UPSET . . . I want to be able to change my blog design at will . . . and, for some reason, it "just ain't workin' " this time.

Therefore, kind readers, as they used to say, you may see some real funky looks . . . one of the templates I tried showed up as code and that REALLY scared the bejezus out of me. I had this fear that everything I had on my sidebar had disappeared into cyber space. Thank heavens, when I got out of that one everything was back where it should have been.

So, time to go and do the rest of my morning online viewing.

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