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Monday, November 21, 2011

Christmas Give~Away Winner

And the Winner Is . . . . .
Drum Roll Please . . . . .

Smells like a winner to me :0}

Pammy Sue

I "SO WISH" I had the time to make one for each and every one of your Fur~Babies. After following your blogs, I feel like I know most of your babies personally.

So, Miss CarpeDyem . . . again. .let me know of the specifics you would like. I am sure Mr. Rhinog would like a nice, masculine stocking for such a manly dog.


  1. Yay!! Thanks!!! How fun and exciting!

  2. Congratulations, Miss CarpeDyem!! I was kinda hoping I wouldn't win since I had been wanting to crochet one of these, anyway. :D

  3. YIPEE! Thank you, thank you! I kept clicking the link on my blog entry to come here and wondered why you hadn't updated. I finally figured it out that my link was just to that one post about the giveaway. DUH.

  4. WOOHOO!!! I'm over the moon, thank you so much! I can't wait to tell Rhinog, I was going to keep it secret, but I really can't! The stocking I'd like is - on the first picture on the blog for the giveaway - the one on the left. This is so exciting!!! Thank You!!!

  5. Woohoo! I'm over the moon, can't wait to tell Rhinog! Thank you so much! xxx

    The one I'd like is.... on the original posting for the giveaway, on the first photo, the stocking on the left, that would be lovely, thank you, if not whatever you think looks good and christmassy!

    Thank You! xx

  6. Thank you!!! yayy email me at tmluvmdm@gmail and i will give ya my addy


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