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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dog Bone Ornament

Like the title says,
this post will be several odds and ends
 I have hanging around
and figured I needed to post them for posterity.

First, we have two of my 5 Fur~Babies.
Indy has been with us since 2006.
She came home with us
from Kokomo, Indiana,
when she was 10 weeks old.

Abby is the queen of the house.
To be honest,
I can't remember exactly
how old she is.
I think she is close to 16 years old,
but I remember when she entered my life.

Mike, my BFF Joyce's daughter's boyfriend,
brought her home to Kristi,
with the understanding that if it didn't work
she would come to me.
I figured right then and there
I would become a "mother" again.

The 1st night she was with me,
I was sitting on the sofa watching TV
when she jumped up on the sofa,
climbed onto the top of my left breast
and immediately fell asleep.
I knew right then and there
that she and I would be best buddies for life.
You can tell she is thin.
She has a thyroid problem.
We have tried pills,
and she runs away.
So now we use a lotion
form of the meds . . .
from a compounding pharmacy.
I put it inside her ears,
where the blood vessels quickly pick it up.
Well, now, when she hears me
twisting the container to get ready
(it is in a tube similar to lipstick . . .
twist it, and out comes the lotion)
she heads for the hills.
Damn, she is too smart for her own good :0{

Next, some craftiness.
I have had this pattern for a number of years
knowing that, someday,
there would be a little girl who would love it.
Need to ask the neighbor if she has some pink  blush . . .
I need to give him some "flushed" cheeks.
I wanted to make it to grow with her
so I adapted the shoulder strap.
One side, I did a plain sc stitch.
On the other, I repeated the 1st strap
then started a new pattern,
I made a row of dc's
between sc rows.
This gave me "buttonholes."
I found the bear buttons on eBay last year . . .
I knew they would come in handy one day.
I am a great~aunt again.
Now, I always knew I was a "good" aunt
but after the nieces had babies,
I suddenly become "great."
Go figure?
I got a message from my niece
saying I was a great aunt.
Had to find out what was up,
since she has no plans for children.
My new great niece is Molly
a 10 week old boxer puppy.
Another one of my own designs.
It will be for sale in my Ravelry Store as soon as I get the pattern on paper.
and I told her so.
I have always wanted a boxer,
it is/was not supposed to happen.

Now, back to making Christmas ornaments.
I have an idea for a stocking garland
but I need to get the stockings made first :0}

Happy Holidays to you and yours . . . LOLOL
Too EARLY for that, huh?
But it is NEVER to early to craft for Christmas,
is it?


  1. Lol.. Jetta does the same thing as soon as I get the camera out. Indy is Camera Shy. ;P

    Love the Santa Purse! Happy Holidays!

  2. It is so lovely to watch the film of Indy - even if she is not performing! And so lovely to hear your voice, I can make a fuller picture of you now!

    The purse is cute. When I'm better at crochet I shall have to give it a go.....

  3. Indy was so funny. She was being 'cantankerous'! lol And I so love to see when a dog and cat get along...that's just awesome. Hope life with ya'll is good. So much going on with me I can't post. xoxo

  4. I meant to post, I didn't even know you had a cat. =^*^= We used to have a golden retriever and a cat that were best buds. <3


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