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Thursday, November 17, 2011

Fur~Babies Christmas Give~Away

I NEED to have a Christmas Give~Away.
Don't you think?
Here is what I decided . .
I will make a
"Semi" custom made
 Cat or Dog Paw Stocking.
I think they are so adorable
that I would like to share the wealth with others.

Fish come with and without bubbles . . .
your choice.

I like the smaller/diagonally placed bones better.
If you like the HUGE one, let me know.

Now, you may ask,
"C & CS Slut . . . just what is "Semi" custom made."

My Answer, "By making a the stocking
"Semi" custom made you get to pick the
stocking, pad and bone/fish colors
as long as they are in the Christmas red, green,
beige, white, Winter blue (light) colors.
So, you pick the colors
and I make the stocking."

I use Vanna's Choice,
I like her shades
my hands don't dry out
using this yarn.

So, now you are saying,
"Man, Slut, you sure talk a lot.
Would you GET TO THE POINT!"

All You Need To Know
1. You must be a follower.
2. Only allowed one entry per person
and it MUST BE on this post.
2. Tell me if you want
a Cat or a Dog Stocking.
3. Tell me the colors you prefer.
(The more exact, the better...
ie. red front and back,
 green pads,
white fish outlined in green,
white bubbles.
top border a mixture of red, green and white. )
4. Post a link to this give~away
on your blog, if you have one.
5. Entry starts at the time I post this
and ends midnight, (EST)
Sunday, November 20th.
The winner will be announced
Monday, November 21st.
6. I will have the stocking on the mail
no later than November 30th.

Let the Christmas Give~Away Begin.


  1. I'm a follower!
    I'd love a Dog Stocking to give as a Christmas gift. It would be for a doberman. =) I'm pretty easy-going about any colors even if you just have an extra one hanging around. I like the smaller bone, too. Would you let me avoid putting a link on my blog? Because if I won it, the person I would share it with reads my blog... ;-) All your stockings are just adorable!!

    Paula, you're amazing! =D What a fun giveaway.

  2. I'm a follower. If I were to win, I would like a green Dog stocking with red paws; and the smaller bone, in white. The trim on the top can be a surprise. :) I will put a link to this on my blog *sometime* today.. You rock, Paula! :D

  3. Oh I'm a follower and I'd love to have one of these stockings for Rhinog!! Perhaps a red background with green pads and a diagonal bone, with white trim. I would be so made up!!

    I've done a specific entry on my blog with a link to here. I'm not sure how to link the blog properly down the side......... I did my best!!

    Now I haven't a clue what time it is with you, but it's 21.38 here.....

  4. These are darling! I can't believe I made this Giveaway in time! I was reading so fast trying to get to the date since I'm late seeing this. Yipee!

    I want a dog stocking (DUH!). I like the RED PAW, WHITE bone, exactly like the first one on the fence on the left. I will go post this Giveaway on my blog. Sorry I am so late!

  5. Im a follower! i would like an dog stocking red with green bone


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