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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Today's Agenda

1. wash face (check)

2. brush teeth (check)

3.  (check)

4. eat breakfast with milk (see #5)
didn't need to . . she hung around

5. Find Abby for trip to vet for yearly check up.
6. Put Abby under shirt to ride there for trip to vet.  (check)

7. Drive to vet while Abby "talks" to me.  (check)

8. Ask vet about food for cat's with thyroid problems.  (check)

9. Stuff Abby back into shirt for ride home.  (check)

10. Pay vet and make appt. for Indy's yearly check up.  (check)

11. repeat #7 and 6, except for going home  (check)

12. Clean dining room table off so I can do the rest of the list.

12. "break bread" for dressing

13. Sing"Let Us Break Bread Together" and think of Mom while I break bread . . . this was our "day before Thanksgiving" routine.

14. Peal 2 oranges to mix in with cranberries for Cranberry Relish . . . never can decide if turkey, dressing or cranberry relish is my favorite foor for Thanksgiving.

15. Fill Christmas stockings for "extended family" pets.
16. Wrap Christmas presents that are completed and check them off list.

17. Make list of people who will be getting Christmas presents (should have been done before #16.)

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  1. Busy day! I'm sitting here at work with a bare bones crew wishing I was anywhere else but here. A couple more hours and it's to the hacienda for 4 lovely, quiet days with Leo. He's going to be a happy camper. (He won't be come Monday!) Happy Thanksgiving Paula! You and Gene relax and eat til you can't eat no more!!! lol. (I'm having ham, mashed taters, broccoli casserole and lord knows what else I can conjure up for myself. :o) xoxoxoxo ohhh...give Indy a kiss from Leo.


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