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Thursday, November 24, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Our Thanksgiving meal is over.

I have always enjoyed
eating my Thanksgiving
and Christmas meals at noon.
That way,
we can nibble the rest of the day.

Our table was set
with memories . . .
the dinner plates belonged to
my maternal grandparents.
They have a gorgeous calligraphy "W"
on them in gold with a golden ring
around the lip.

The platter the turkey is on
is from the Pullman trains
my paternal grandfather conducted on.

The cranberry dish I always used,
which Mom had used all the years I can remember,
broke this past year.

When I got into the cupboards,
looking for a bowl for them,
my eyes locked on the tinware bowl
that was always full of flour for
cooking when I was growing up.
I decided this was the year to make it the official
cranberry dish.

I'm not sure which side of the family
the tinware bowl came from
but I know it was in our pantry,
at home,
for as long as I can remember.

If you look between the Pilgrim man
and the Indian maiden,
you will see Mom and Dad's butter dish.
It only came out on special occasions
when I was growing up,
so I do the same to this day.

I just LOVE
my Pilgrims and Indians.
We have picked them up at Hobby Lobby,
on sale, of course.
Have you ever noticed
that when Hobby Lobby and Joanne's
have sales that their items
are then at the rice you should
actually pay?

but by no means least,
we must celebrate Indy,
the talking dog.

She isn't used to us eating at the table
and it is so hard for her
to lay down when she can't see on the table.

We are trying to get her to say Molly,
(or is it Mollie?),
her cousin,
my niece Lauren's,
new boxer puppy.

What do you think?
Oh, sorry about the bad camera shot
at the end.
I forgot I was filming.

Indy, the husband and I
all wish you a
"Woof"-terful Thanksgiving.


  1. Indy is an absolute Star!!

    It is lovely to see dining/kitchen herilooms. I inherited my mother in laws aluminium dishes and pie dishes.

  2. Happy Thanksgiving, Paula and Family. I can't watch the video.. I'll try again later. :)

    I love the dishes, too. I inherited some of my Grandma's dishes. I don't dare use them though. They were her mothers. :)


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