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Sunday, December 25, 2011

A Beautiful Christmas Day

Yes, it was a beautiful Christmas morning. No snow, alas, for us here in Western New York, but the sun shone brightly in the blue sky.

Indy loves her Christmas Mallard stuffed toy . . . though, I am sure I will always call it her "Christmas Goose."

The husband had a bi-thematic Christmas. I found a lot of boxes and bags for his Christmas cooking for next year at Oriental Trading . . and it was on sale. He received  those and a Wilton Chocolate melter thing-y. His other theme was "thermal shirts" that he can wear out on those cold Western New York winter nights. There was more, but the themes things were the most fun.

Myself, I got everything I asked for . . more gray sweats, a white zip front hoodie (that is thermal lined and more like a coat which is even better) and he even found a gi-normous white sweatshirt . . . YEAH! and as a surprise, a fleece robe . . . the same warmth as the one he gave me our 1st Christmas . . . made me smile.

Indy gave her sisters Abby, Mathew, Marcus and Nosey catnip mice and treats . . . they have all been happy with her choice of gifts.

Now, I must explain the picture at the top.  think we had a themed Christmas for ourselves too.

My s-i-l introduced me to Red Stag . . mixed in Coke/Pepsi and even Lemonade, it is to die for . . . that was hubby's early gift. Friday, a former neighbor stopped by with the large bottle of Yellow Tail . . . we so miss him and his Diesel Deuce. And I got a Facebook message from my oldest nephew that I needed to be on the look out for Elves on Thursday . . well, the box delivery Elf came on Saturday . . .USPS 2 day guarantee doesn't work during the holidays, I guess. We couldn't open the FRAGILE box until today . . 2 bottles of The People's Winery wine . . . Hawaiian Mist and Wildberry Mist plus two of their wine glasses.

If you look closely enough, there is a small bottle of Bushmills Irish Whiskey. I put that in with the Red Stag when the husband bought it. This is to drink on St Patricks' Day . . .Dad always drank it and came home silly as a goose . . . Mom wasn't to happy but Lee and I thought it was a hoot!

Merry Night of Christmas to each and every one of you. Hoping you received everything you wished for.

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  1. Jetta got a Christmas Mallard toy, too. From "Santa Paws" (lol)

    Merry Christmas! :)


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