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Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Bags of Coal

Just wait until you see these!

Did your mom and dad tell you that Santa would give you a bag of coal if you weren't good? Mine did.

As a matter of fact, one year when we came downstairs. AT the bottom of the steps, on the table that always sat there, was a bundle of Willow Branches tied with a big red bow! Mom had told my older brother that, "If you aren't good, Lee Allen, Santa is going to bring you a bundle of switches!"

Well, she made a believer out of  both of us . . talk about a COOL MOM! And people wonder where I get my warped sense of humor. Go figure?

Any-who . . here is why I wanted to post this. Megan,  Newly Wife, has posted directions, photo and written, on how to make these Bags of Coal . . aren't they just adorable plus, they areSO EASY!

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  1. I love it! I seriously thought about making my own "lumps of coal" candy this year. But never having made candy before (and it was anise flavor~ yuck); I didn't. I will have to save that in my favorites for next year. I ended up buying a few lumps of coal at Michaels, and then I found some bags of coal at Smiths, later on. :P Thanks for that link, Paula! Next year... :)


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