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Friday, December 30, 2011

Polar Bear Hat

Or, is it a white Piggy Hat . . . I'm not sure.

It started out as a fluffy polar bear and now, I think it is a fluffy white piggy . . . who looks sort of lost. LOLOL

I made it for my niece Mady for Christmas this year. Might have to make it in Pink for her brother, Jackson, for next year. I think he could pull off a pink piggy hat! I'll just leave off the eyelash yarn. I want him to look as masculine as possible in a pink piggy hat!  LOLOL


  1. Hey! Happy New Year! Thanks for the guidance....still won't work. It's an Apple thing. I've already given feedback and said 'come on...with all the technology we have and I can't upload pics to my blog?' I started a new blog in wordpress. Still can't upload pics. I need to get it set up with background and all that but can't do it until I go back to work on microsoft pc. yea....sux. The new blog has a new name and will have a new look. I'll post on Hookin when I get it up and running. It's back to work tomorrow for me after 2 weeks off. I don't wanna. lol. But I gotta. So yea....hope life with ya'll is good! xoxoxo

  2. That is a wonderful hat, I love it!!! I'm tempted to make Mary-Jane funny hats at the moment - much to HK's insistence not to!


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