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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Take a Stitch Tuesday

I have joined Sharon B, from Pin Tangle, for her Take a Stitch Tuesday. I am hoping that, when I finish, I will have a Band Sampler with a lot of new stitches on it.

If you are a stitcher, you may want to check it out. I have listed some of the highlights below, but for a better write up, check out Sharon B's write up . . just click the badge above and you will be "magically" transported to the information.

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When does it start?
January 3rd.

What is this challenge about?
Each Tuesday Sharon B will post a challenge stitch. The idea is that you work a sample, experiment a bit. Next, photograph your sample, and put it on the web so visitors can share. Then return to Pintangle to leave a comment to tell everyone where they can see your sample.

What does it Cost?
The challenge is free.

Are beginners welcome?
All skill levels are welcome

So I have to visit your blog each Tuesday?
Yes the challenge is open and public. You can have everything I write on my blog delivered daily to your email inbox. If you find this an easier way to keep in touch, please sign up. The sign up button is in the side bar. Something new is published daily.

How come last time Tuesday was Monday?
I live in Australia and will publish each Tuesday morning in Australia. For many people this will mean they see it appear on Monday evening. Australia crosses the International date line earlier that is all.

I dont have a blog or flickr site can I join
Yes you can join. If you dont have a blog, flickr account or stitching fingers page you are more than welcome to join. This blog is open and published online for all to read. All you need to do it visit each Tuesday and stitch along.

However, since half the fun is about sharing and seeing what others stitch, I encourage you to start a flickr site, or join stitchin fingers or start a blog.

The easiest thing is to do is to join Stitchin fingers. It is free and Sharon B runs it. You can post photos, and there is a community of people who are only too willing to help you if you need it. Remember to visit our sponsors because without them we would have no network.

Can I do some stitches and not others?
Yes If you want to swing in and out of the challenge as a busy life dictates that is fine.

What do I stitch on?
Fabric ... no seriously you can stitch on anything you choose. Sharon B usually uses a 25cnt or 27cnt even weave linen but if you look at my band sampler I not only use linen but she also uses Aida, and even weave dressmaking fabrics. She has a more detailed post about my band sampler and the fabrics she uses

Do I have to stitch a sampler?
No you can stitch on anything. Some people are starting a band sampler but it is definitely not a must!

What is the Project?
There is not particular project at all. The idea is experiment with stitches. They can be small samples on scraps of fabric or doodle cloths. Some people are going to make a band sampler, others are making fabric books, others working the challenge stitches on a crazy quilt block or project, while others are going to use fabric postcards, and ATCs (Artist Trading Cards). The challenge is to work the stitch. The format or project is totally up to you.

Do I have to write my post in English?
No. Today we have the marvellous tool of Google Translate. English readers can translate what you write using it.

So stitchers, come and join me on this stitching Odyssey.

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